12 Zodiac Animals Art Exhibit

Simon Wong – A Renowned Chinese Artist

After many years in the making – twelve years to be exact, Calgarians now have a chance to enjoy an exhibit that features the 12 Zodiac Animals in the forms of Calligraphy, Painting, and Sculpture. This exhibition was created and choreographed by well-known Calgary artist – Simon Y.S. Wong.

This will be the first time that his works of the Chinese Zodiac to be displayed collectively.

Simon Y.S. Wong, renowned Chinese calligraphy artist, holds up the 12 Zodiac Animals Exhibition brochure outside the New Central Library (Photo: Brian Wong)

Simon has been creating works depicting the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals since 2001! It all began when the Calgary Herald asked him to create a special image for the publication’s Lunar New Year Special Event supplement. Remember this, back then the internet was still in its infancy, an ask from a print media is sacred.

Inspired by this opportunity and in the spirits of completing the zodiac cycle, Simon created a new piece (different Zodiac sign) every year for Lunar New Year celebration.

Drawing from a deep intimacy with Taoism, Simon Wong has always desired to build cultural and artistic bridges. His sensitive eyes and mind diligently sought to connect life and art which, according to Tao, flow one into the other to create a harmonious balance. Wong is first and foremost a calligrapher: a master of the ancient Chinese art of brush, line and space.

If he had to choose, Simon said this art work would be one of his most favourite ones. Why? You have to ask him in person at the exhibit in Calgary New Central Library (Photo: Brian Wong)

Simon Wong has practiced arts for over five decades. He is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) and Calgary Contemporary Arts Society (CCAS). For many years, Wong was an instructor of Chinese Painting and Oriental Art techniques at the Continuing Education program at the University of Calgary. Wong’s works have been extensively exhibited across Canada, in China, Hong Kong and Japan, and are in the public and private collections.

Evoking Taoist principles of balance in his work, Wong’s use of colour temperature, value contrast, pattern, and randomness are complex not only with respect to visual language, but also with respect to the psychological state of body/mind.

Simon Yat Sing Wong (Photo: Brian Wong)

Visit Calgary’s award-winning New Central Library to see Simon Wong’s Exhibit between September 16 to 30, 2021.

*health & safety protocols are observed. Please check the operating hours of the Central Library.

2 thoughts on “12 Zodiac Animals Art Exhibit

  1. Such an amazing art exhibit. My favorite part was that the characters for the Chinese zodiac signs was presented in two different styles. It was a very unique and beautiful expression of the Chinese characters! Mr. Wong’s talent and show case of his Chinese culture in his masterpieces is truly stunning and at the same time inspiring to someone like me who had spent most of my life in the western world. It had influenced me to have a greater appreciation to my own culture.
    Thank you Mr. Wong!

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