About CCM Canada

The founding of Chinese Christian Mission, commonly known as CCM, is the realization of a vision. God gave Rev. Thomas Wang the vision of preaching the Gospel to Chinese all over the world. Therefore, in 1961, he founded the CCM in Detroit, Michigan and started to repay the debt of the Gospel to the Chinese near and far. The Calgary location of CCM opened its door in 1992. It has become a well-known community centre which offers a wide variety of events, webinars, training, and courses for the general public.

CCM is located in Chinatown inside Five Harvest Apartment Building (Photo: Brian Wong)
Calgary CCM Centre – located in the heart of Calgary Chinatown (Photo: Brian Wong)

CCM Canada 2021 Annual Report

Read their latest Annual Report to find out what CCM do and its impact in the community:

About CCM Calgary Centre

Due to the wide distribution of Chinese in every corner of the world, CCM also established several branch offices in the settlement of dense Chinese population. The first branch office was formed in Taiwan as in the same year of the founding of CCM in Detroit. Other offices were also established in Hong Kong (1965), Philippines (1970), Singapore (1977), Australia (1993), Macao (1993), Malaysia (1994) and Costa Rica (2001). In order to meet the need of the rapid growth of Chinese population in the late 1970’s and the beginning of the 1980’s in Canada, CCM of Canada was set up in 1979 with its headquarter in Vancouver. Our CCM Centres in Calgary (1992), Vancouver (2000), Montreal (2003), Toronto (2007), Richmond (2009) and Edmonton (2019) were opened to serve the local communities.

A non-profit organization established in 1992, as an urban missionary centre of CCM Canada, strives to be a place of rest and rejuvenation for the needed and vulnerable, and to bring church to people and people back to church. We offer various services for adults, special needs, families, seniors and immigrants, regardless of their gender and language. Our services focus in family education, mental health, professional counselling, community care and spiritual growth. centre.calgary.ccmcanada.org

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